MINTTICS Minister Meets with Delegates from AUC and Space in Africa for NewSpace Africa Conference 2024 Preparation

The Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Communication (MINTTICS) in Angola, Mário Oliveira, recently hosted a crucial preparatory meeting for the upcoming NewSpace Africa Conference 2024. The meeting brought together representatives from the MINTTICS, African Union Commission (AUC) and Space in Africa, setting the stage for the significant event scheduled to take place in Luanda, Angola, from April 2nd to 5th, 2024.

Chaired by Minister Mário Oliveira, the meeting featured notable participants, including Dr Tidiane Ouattara, Head of the Science, Technology, and Space Division at the AUC, Pascoal Alé Fernandes, the Angolan Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Technologies, and Dr Zolana João, General Director of the Angolan National Space Programme Management Office (GGPEN). Other team members from GGPEN and Temidayo Oniosun, the Managing Director of Space in Africa, were also in attendance.

                                                          Cross-section of delegates at the event

Expressing satisfaction and honour, Minister Mário Oliveira highlighted Angola’s enthusiasm for hosting the third edition of the Newspace Africa Conference. He emphasised that this opportunity reflects the government’s commitment to advancing its space program and serving as a role model for other African nations.

   Mário Oliveira, Angolan Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Communication (MINTTICS)

Dr Ouattara shared his excitement about the conference, stating that it aligns with the AUC’s strategy to localise space applications in Africa and foster a secure environment for the growth of African space ventures. He expressed his eagerness to collaborate with the Angolan government on an event expected to bring together over 500 delegates, including ministry representatives, heads of space agencies from 25 African countries, academia, the NewSpace companies, international organisations, and other influential stakeholders within the African space industry.

                     Dr Tidiane Ouattara, Head of the Science, Technology, and Space Division at the AUC

The conference, themed “The Role of Space in Closing Africa’s Poverty Gap,” aims to shed light on the transformative potential of space initiatives in addressing socioeconomic disparities across the continent. Discussions will revolve around leveraging space technology, including satellite communications, remote sensing, and geospatial data, to revolutionise agriculture, healthcare, climate change, security, and infrastructure development.

Furthermore, the conference will delve into every aspect of space and satellite technology, exploring policy and business opportunities in Africa. It will also emphasise the potential impact of cooperation frameworks among stakeholders, aiming to achieve common goals within the industry and across the continent. The comprehensive agenda underscores the significance of the Newspace Africa Conference 2024 as a platform for shaping the future of space exploration and technology in Africa.

From (L-R) Temidayo Oniosun, MD, Space in Africa; Dr Zolana João, DG, GGPEN; and  Dr Tidiane Ouattara, Head of the Science, Technology, and Space Division at the AUC

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