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Space in Africa produces authoritative reports rich in insights to give businesses and policymakers a deep understanding of the various segments of the African space industry. Our reports are widely referenced by industry leaders and serve as a treasure trove for anyone looking for an edge to maximize opportunities in the African space industry.

Global Space Budgets – A Country-level Analysis

This first-of-its-kind report examines the space budgets of 106 governments and analyses how they have changed between 2018 and 2020. This analysis provides in-depth coverage of the growth recorded in different countries, regions, economic blocs, and continents. It includes data extracted from primary sources and sheds light on how governments worldwide have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and how those responses have impacted space budgets.

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African Space Industry Annual Report - 2020 Edition

The 2020 Edition of African Space Industry Annual Report is now available. It presents data and analyses on projects, deals, partnership and investments across the continent. It also provides analyses on the growing demand for space technologies and data on the continent, the business opportunities it offers and the necessary regulatory environment in the various countries.

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NewSpace Africa Industry Report

The report is an assessment of 34 private and public companies operating in the African space industry, with an emphasis on their size, financial and investment history, and products and services, target market, strategic partners, expansion plans, and their contribution to the global space value chain.

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African Space Industry Annual Report 2019 Edition

The report covers all deals, space policies, satellite programs, national space programs, regional cooperation and the growth of Africa’s commercial space industry from 1998 to April 2019. The report also provides insights into future space activities in Africa, covering up to 2024.

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