GGPEN Launches Three Space-based Solutions

The National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), as part of its mission to support sustainable development through space-based technologies, has developed three new space-based solutions, including “TECH-GEST, TECH-ECOLOGY and TECH-AGRO”.

  • TECH-GEST is a service that uses up-to-date, high-resolution satellite images to monitor infrastructure, manage assets, detect changes and map land use within the country.
  • TECH-ECOLOGIA is a solution that uses satellite radar images to detect, monitor and alert on the occurrence of possible oil spills in the national offshore rigs.
  • TECH-AGRO is a service developed specifically for farmers. It helps to analyse the state of agricultural fields by monitoring the development of vegetation, using the Normalized Difference Index (NDVI) and biophysical parameters (LAI, Fcover, FAPAR).

GGPEN designed these space-based solutions to provide the most modern technological solutions for detecting and monitoring assets within the country. In addition, GGPEN provides GIS reports and dashboards to support decision making based on artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, the digital catalogue of these products will soon be available on GGPEN’s website.