Registration opens for 2019 regional workshop on spatial hydrometric data, Abidjan Ivory Coast

The point measurement of rainfall is very necessary for statistics and climate trend analyzes, as input data for some forecasting models. The only measurements at the stations are nevertheless often insufficient for the development programs which need to have spatialized rainfall data, that is to say to know as accurately as possible the volumes of precipitations which have watered during a period given, an agricultural parcel, a watershed. Gold For 30 years, there has been a sharp decline in hydrometric databases around the world, particularly in Africa. The use of spatial data could reverse this trend,

Since the development of satellite measurements, many space missions are dedicated to monitoring the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface. The African continent contains major rivers of the globe, but does not benefit from dense and continuous in-situ observation networks for effective integrated resource management and warning systems. Rainfall estimates from satellite observing systems offer an alternative for these basins with little or no instrumentation and often exposed to climatic extremes

African countries are also characterized for the most part by a low rainfall and heterogeneous rainfall and hydrometric network which limits a comprehensive monitoring of water resources. Remote sensing is then the preferred tool to overcome this gap in space.

This Regional Workshop on the Use of Spatial Hydrometric Data would address the problem of lack of hydrometric data.

The researchers to be trained in this Workshop come from both academic and non-academic worlds, national climate and hydrological services. The latter will relay the information through national restitution workshops and seminars. The skills acquired at the end of this training may also be integrated into the courses taught by researchers from the academic community.

The workshop date is April 23-26, 2019. Details about registration and other information can be found on the workshop website.