ASES to Collaborate with ESA to Leverage Space Technology for Socio-Economic Growth in Senegal

The Senegalese Space Study Agency/Agence Sénégalaise d’Etudes Spatiale (ASES) have taken a step towards fostering collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) by formally expressing their mutual intent to collaborate, underlining their shared commitment to harnessing the power of space technology for the socio-economic advancement of Senegal.

This agreement, signed on the sidelines of the AU-EU Dialogue in Dakar, Senegal, is expected to unlock the transformative power of space technology in Senegal, paving the way for considerable progress in various sectors. The letter of intent was signed by Thomas Weissenberg, External Relations Department of the European Space Agency, and Dr Maram Kaire, the Director General of the ASES, in the presence of H.E. Amadou Ba, the Prime Minister of Senegal.

This collaboration holds great promise for Senegal, as it opens up new avenues for utilising space technology across various sectors. Space technology can be pivotal in agriculture, environmental monitoring, disaster management, telecommunications, and more. In addition, these advancements will stimulate economic growth and improve living standards and sustainable development for the people of Senegal.

Moreover, this collaboration represents a significant stride towards bolstering Senegal’s presence and participation in the global space community. By partnering with the European Space Agency, Senegal gains access to valuable expertise, technology, and resources, which can drive innovation and propel the country towards becoming a regional leader in space-related endeavours. Furthermore, the letter of intent signifies a commitment to long-term cooperation, ensuring that space technology catalyses positive change, innovation, and progress in Senegal. It aligns with the broader mission of utilising science and technology to address the developmental challenges in the country.