Avanti Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Connect the Unconnected

Avanti Communications has received the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Connect the Unconnected’ award at Africa’s Premier Telecom Summit, Connected Africa, for its outstanding commitment to bridging the digital divide in Africa. 

Connected Africa’s ‘Outstanding Contribution to Connect the Unconnected’ award recognises organisations dedicated to providing underserved communities with vital connectivity solutions. It honours the innovation and initiatives that have substantially impacted expanding connectivity and bringing the benefits of digital communication to remote areas that were previously unconnected. 

Kyle Whitehill, CEO of Avanti Communications, said, “We are delighted to have won the prestigious ‘Outstanding Contribution to Connect the Unconnected’ award at this year’s summit. Avanti has committed significantly to Africa, so this recognition is a real honour. Connectivity is a powerful tool that enables individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive, which is why we will not stop until it is a part of everyone’s reality.”

Avanti has carried out various initiatives to increase connectivity and promote an inclusive Africa through its relentless efforts to provide reliable and accessible satellite connectivity to hard-to-reach rural communities. The company has played a pivotal role in enhancing communication capabilities, empowering communities, and fostering socio-economic growth in underserved parts of the continent. 

Presently, Avanti has connected over 1,000 villages and schools, providing services in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and South Sudan, and plans to connect 10,000 sites over the next five years. With over USD 800 million invested in the continent, Avanti has a growing footprint. Over a fifth of the company’s workforce is based across Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, and the Benin Republic.