Zimbabwean President, President Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe Gets Ready to Build its First Communication Satellite, ZIMSAT-2

Following Zimbabwe’s historic achievement with the launch of the ZIMSAT-1, President Mnangagwa has affirmed the country’s plans to begin work on its second satellite, ZIMSAT-2, a communication satellite. According to the president, the recent landmark deployment of Zimbabwe’s satellite ZIMSAT-1 is part of an ongoing strategy that will see the country launching more satellites.

“ZIMSAT-2, which we hope to launch quite soon, will give us additional capabilities, including in the critical field of communications. Once up, ZIMSAT-2 will enable total national connectivity, thus making ICT and other communication applications pervasive handmaidens in National Development,” President Mnangagwa said.

President Mnangagwa gave accolades to ZINGSA, Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency, for the success of the ZIMSAT-1 and is certain that the agency’s collaboration with Kytech, Japan’s Kyushu Institute of Technology, and the United States of America’s NASA will help the agency’s future launches.

“Of course, that we named our maiden satellite ZIMSAT-1 means we foresee the launch of more satellites as our Nation fully exploits and harnesses space technology for rapid industrialisation and modernisation. Indeed, ZIMSAT-2 is on its way, and should be a lot easier given the expertise, experience and confidence we have now garnered through this multinational partnership,” said President Mnangagwa.

The Head of State and Government said the satellite serves a key purpose in Zimbabwe’s ambitions, as the country modernises processes, especially in conservation, public health, agriculture and disaster mitigation.

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