EgSA and MEDES Host Workshop on Space Medicine

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) and the French Institute of Space Medicine and Organ Functions (MEDES) organised a workshop on Space medicine and physiology. EgSA hosted elite representatives, including members of the Armed Forces, heads of departments in the faculties of medicine, science, environmental engineering, aviation and space engineering from Cairo University, Al-Azhar University, Egypt University of Science and Technology, Ain Shams University, New Giza University, Benha University and Zweil University.

Dr Mohammed Khalil Iraqi, deputy to the executive president of the agency, opened the workshop by welcoming the representatives. The workshop includes activities on space medicine, and will last for three consecutive days at the headquarters of the Egyptian Space Agency. The first day of the workshop ended with three lectures highlighting multiple space medicine activities and manned spaceflights. The lectures also highlighted the latest research based on the study of space’s impact on the human body and how astronauts adapt during and after space missions.

In conclusion, many important proposals were concluded. Furthermore, the organisers noted the importance of holding more such meetings during scientific conferences, workshops and educational seminars. They noted that stakeholders in the field would organise such workshops in coordination with the Space Agency, universities and scientific research centres. The workshop also proposed support and encouragement for universities to increase the number of lecturers and students in this field.