Sairtel to Exploit Satellite Technology for Fast Internet 

Sairtel is exploiting satellite technology to provide unlimited internet broadband access in Nigeria. The company is an unlimited internet broadband service provider in Nigeria. Sairtel’s acting managing director, Engr. Salvation Alibor remarked that its focus is to ensure that, irrespective of location, one should have access to the internet. “Our focus primarily is to provide unlimited internet broadband that is truly unlimited, best suited for businesses and homes.”

The acting managing director further added that “One of our unique features is that our internet service is satellite-based and has coverage in all parts of the country, especially the North-East, where many ISPs and MNOs have abandoned or are offering very epileptic service. Ours is to fill in these gaps for people in those places that have challenges with topography.” According to him, with the Sairtel super fast internet service, anyone can access data from any part of the country. This will thus solve the challenges that mobile network operators (MNOs) and internet service providers (ISP) face over the last mile and right of way (RoW).

In addition, Sairtel will embark on empowering people through training on installation services. Furthermore, it will also present such trained persons with work kits. The broadband company will also engage people to take up the sales sector of the business. This as others will partake as service partners (distributors). According to the company, its service comes with unlimited downloads, the absence of a data cap, throttling and FAP token. 

The acting managing director also remarked that “Sairtel satellite internet solution is all about affordability, reliability and accessibility. We believe that even if you are in the remotest parts of such far states like Sokoto, or impossible terrains like the Mambila plateau, in crisis areas like Borno, Katsina, Zamfara states or even in hitherto remote and unreached Nigerian borders, you should have unrestricted and superfast internet service. We are changing the narrative of fast internet only located in city centres, we are changing this narrative with our robust internet solution, and that is what we are introducing to Nigerians today.” 

According to the company, subscribers of other satellite services can use their existing equipment to access its services. This also includes subscribers of now-defunct satellite companies. This will consequently erase the need to purchase new equipment. Sairtel also promises free equipment for schools and cluster-like estates and layouts. The company will be partnering with global industry leaders, including Hughes, YahSat, and Avanti.