Azercosmos and View Satellite Network announce partnership to provide services in Africa

Azercosmos has signed an agreement with View Satellite Network, which provides global broadcasting services for television and radio channels over multiple platforms worldwide.

View Satellite Network will provide digital satellite services in High Definition (HD) to its customers in Africa via the Azerspace-2 satellite.

The company currently broadcasts more than 20 TV and radio channels in West Africa and ensures easy distribution of video content to carriers through its high-quality infrastructure.

“This partnership will enable us to provide uninterrupted distribution of popular channels in High Definition (HD) to millions of our viewers, particularly in the West African region”, Chief Executive Officer of View Satellite, Maxwell Osei stated.

“View Satellite’s modern and high-tech broadcasting networks will guarantee customers optimal and efficient use of Azerspace-2 satellite’s resources. View Satellite will provide Azercosmos as a proven partner to our future endeavours in Africa”, noted Mark Guthrie, Chief Commercial Officer at Azercosmos.