Hypernova Technologies books EnduroSat’s Shared Sat to fly its first Thruster mission

Hypernova has announced its Shared Sat Service partnership with EnduroSat.

The South African firm,  has signed on with EnduroSat to fly its first thruster mission on EnduroSat’s 6U CubeSat platform on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare launch scheduled for December 2021.

EnduroSat is a Sofia based company founded in 2015. The company provides Cubsesat platforms among other products and services. Its 6U CubeSat is a fully integrated nanosatellite capable of supporting up to 4U (9 kg) payloads of scientific and commercial payload. The Shared Sat Service enables streamlined space operations at a fraction of the current market cost. Its goal is to provide easy access to space for multiple payloads and diverse mission concepts.

Momentus will provide transportation for EnduroSat’s upcoming missions scheduled to begin in February 2021. The first launch will include Kuwait’s first spacecraft and EnduroSat’s Shared Platform for Applied Research and Technology Affirmation (SPARTAN) in its Vigoride Orbit transfer vehicle. The SPARTAN is a 6U CubeSat that will carry seven technology and commercial payloads. The agreement with Momentum marks the pilot service mission for EnduroSat.

Hypernova Space Technologies is scheduled to join the December 2021 launch slot, which is a big step forward for the South African firm. In a recent interview with Hypernova’s CEO, Jonathan Lun, he revealed that the start-up’s most pressing objective is to complete the development of its first product and perform a first in-space flight before the end of 2021. Through EnduroSat’s Shared Sat Service, this goal is coming to fruition.