AZERCOSMOS Signs Broadcasting Agreement With Prime African Media Systems

Early this week, Canada’s Prime African Media Systems and Azercosmos OJSC, Azerbaijan’s first-ever satellite sealed a broadcasting agreement.

The space industry is once again blessed with the gift of cooperation between two parties; a telecommunications company, Prime African Media Systems, whose only focus is providing teleport services and satellite solutions, and Azercosmos, Azerbaïdjan’s first-ever satellite, which launched Azerspace-1 on February 2013.

In a statement given by Mark Guthrie, Chief Commercial Officer at Azercosmos, he clarified what the agreement was about, stating that, “Azercosmos, by using the infrastructure capabilities of Prime African Media Systems, will provide innovative satellite solutions for hard-to-reach geographic locations in the African region.” And on their side, technical director at Prime African Media Systems, Victory Khan, said, “The collaboration with Azercosmos is a great opportunity for the company to educate people and provide any communication through online platforms in the African region.” He further stated that “this is a great opportunity for us (their company) to project and present the African stories from the African perspective. The options are limitless for us to educate, elevate and empower African generations through this satellite solution from Azercosmos”. 

This is no doubt fantastic news for the two great companies. Since it was green-lit in 2018, Azercosmos, with its advanced technical capacity and high skilled personnel, has become a major driving force of the ICT sector in their region and country. The company provides broadband and broadcast services to customers in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Holds the reins of two communication satellites (Azerspace-1 & Azerspace-2, which is in a Geostationary Orbit) and Azersky, a low-orbit satellite. Together, the two organizations will be responsible for broadcasting ATN TV in the West African region, using Azerspace-2 satellite capacity to bring cable network to residential areas in the African region without a cable network.