An African Satellite Constellation Project To Be Launched This Week At The 8th Annual SSSTA Conference In Ghana

Ghana’s All Nations University will on 25 – 26 November 2019 host industry experts, academics and policymakers from Ghana and invited guests from outside Ghana to a two-day conference on Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications (SSSTA).

The SSSTA conference since its inception remains one of the conferences in Ghana actively championing activities on space science and satellite technology. It was initiated by the All Nations University as a university conference in 2012 focusing on innovative technological ways to national development in the area of space science and technology. These activities, therefore, led to the launch of Ghana’s first satellite “GHANASAT-1” developed by Ghanaian engineers from the All Nations University, making Ghana a spacefaring nation.

According to the organizers, the main purpose of this year’s conference is to launch the African constellation satellites project which will be named the African constellation satellites (AFCONSAT). Tomorrow, various countries in Africa will come with their various satellite mission definition, and discuss how they are going to carry out that project using the resources available in Africa. Then they will sign an MoU and launch the AFCONSAT project. This initiative is being led by the All Nations University Space Science and Technology Laboratory in Ghana. Some of the countries that are currently involved in the discussion are Burkina Faso, Cape-Verde, Ivory Coast, and Namibia.

It is not certain where the funding for this project will come from but Space in Africa gathered the organizers are in talk with institutions and governments of some of the partner countries to explore ways to bring the project to reality.

More information about the AFCONSAT project and update on the conference will be brought to you in due time. More information about the conference is available here.