Sex in space: The unearthed mystery

Anny, “I’m feeling kinky right now. Would you mind if we make out and sure ease the tempo here” said ken…(excerpts from an adventure of an astronauts)

The above are many of the occurrences which take place in our would be inhabited universe. Most often than not humans have tried in various ways to enjoy sexual pleasure, trying out different avenues to achieve their desired appeal. One question that would come to bear is if sex in space is possible due to the gravitational pull associated with the cosmic. Though there ate rules laid down by NASA about catching feelings in space,as they do not permit married couples to go on flights as it may dampen progress and reduce effectiveness; only a couple have actually gone to space together which was only possible because a day to the mission was when the nuptials occurred.

It is postulated that by 2020, space vacation would become reality with the cosmic being a tourist hub for people of the World and we can’t out rule sex in such an ambiance. With the no gravitational pull and weightlessness would thrusting into the coitus be possible?-because for an average love making session, the male would have to thrust up to 120 times- with the whole back and  forth thing, it’s actually pictured funny but tiring. According to Dr. John Millis, Ph.D., a physicist and astronomer at Anderson University, it would be almost like two ice-skaters pushing their hands against each other while standing on ice. “This two-dimensional example is complicated further by the fact that, in space, the astronauts would be moving in three dimension’s,” he says.

For sex to actually occur in space, the aid of a technological apparatus is needed as it will help restrain mobility in space during humans most “pleasurable moment’s”. This though is answer to one of the problems associated with copulation in space.

When we attempt sex in space, we’ll literally be working against the current. Instead of flowing downward like usual, our blood will be evenly distributed throughout our bodies, says Millis. In fact, since our hearts will be able to stop working so hard to get blood to the brain, they may shrink, which could make it harder to get blood down to our genitals.

Combine this with the falling testosterone levels that have been recorded in male astronauts, and getting an erection could become a challenge. Female arousal would probably be difficult as well, since it also relies on blood flow to the genitals. Probably. Chances are, sex will still carry the same potential for pregnancy. After all, fertilization doesn’t require gravity (or else you wouldn’t be able to get pregnant when you’re on top). Furthermore, a study published earlier this year in the

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that sperm which spent nine months in the International Space Station could impregnate rats, which gave birth to normal offspring. Since our circadian rhythms will be all out of whack due to the changes in lighting, infertility may become more common during our first few weeks in space, says Dr. Dunston, but it should all return to normal once we adjust to the new conditions.

Even if we can reproduce, though, we probably wouldn’t want to, says Millis. The high-radiation environment in space could cause damage to a fetus, and the lack of gravity could stop its bone structure from forming. Pregnant women’s lives could also be endangered, since low gravity renders ectopic pregnancies—where the egg attaches somewhere outside the womb—more likely.

As regards the astronauts getting laid in space, no such incidence has been recorded as professionalismis key in their line of work coupled with d fact that they work in a confined space without the comfort or luxury of home,experiencing 16 sunrise and 16 sunset everyday with little or no rest…as a result there aren’t a lot of opportunities for such acts.

Despite these minor considerations, experts predict that people will want to try space sex for themselves pretty much as soon as possible—and that businesses will capitalize on that desire. Laura Woodmansee, author of Sex in Space, said at the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2006 conference that sex would become “the killer app of space tourism…because every couple who goes up there—or threesome or whatever their personal choice is—is going to want to try this.”