Apply to join SUPERNOVA FOUNDATION – Mentoring For Women In Physics

The gender gap in STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields is a serious international societal problem which needs to be addressed. Many women, particularly women in developing countries, do not usually have access to female role models to inspire and guide them. It is extremely challenging in a male-dominated environment for women of many cultures to find mentors they can easily talk to and get advice from. We aim to remedy this by connecting undergraduate women in STEM, particularly in Physics, to established female researchers around the world to receive mentoring.

The Supernova Foundation aims to:

  • Connect women undergraduates in Physics, with a focus on students from developing countries, to established female physicist role models.
  • Provide support for women undergraduate students as they transition to postgraduate studies, in the form of personal mentoring.
  • Provide guidance on various topics including: career choices, application process, CVs, work-life balance and gender-specific harassment.
  • Provide generally useful advice in form of regular webinars that anyone can attend but which are focused on women in science.
  • Create a resource of recorded webinars with useful advice and interesting discussion that will be publicly available.

If you are an ambitious woman student in Physics who would like to achieve her full potential with the help of internationally established mentors, please apply!

If you are an established woman scientist who would like to share her knowledge and experience with students from all around the world, please email us and we will happily get back to you.