MSTelecom and GGPEN Sign MoU to Enhance Broadband Connectivity in Angola

MSTelecom, a leading telecommunications service provider in Angola, and the Angola National Space Programme Management Office (GGPEN) have signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on delivering high-speed broadband connectivity across Angola.

Dr Zolana Joao, General Manager of GGPEN and Felisberta Martins de Jesus, the CEO of MSTelecoms, signed on the sidelines of the 2024 NewSpace Africa Conference in the presence of H.E. Mário Augusto da Silva Oliveira, the Angolan Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Communication (MINTTICS).

The partnership aims to leverage MSTelecom’s extensive terrestrial network infrastructure and GGPEN’s communication satellite capabilities to provide reliable and affordable broadband internet services, even in the country’s most remote areas.

Under the agreement, MSTelecom will integrate its advanced fibre optic and microwave transmission networks with GGPEN’s satellite platform, creating a robust and redundant system for seamless broadband delivery. This synergy will enable high-speed internet access to households, businesses, government institutions, and other sectors that have been underserved or lack connectivity altogether.

Furthermore, the collaboration between MSTelecom and GGPEN is expected to bridge Angola’s digital divide, foster economic growth, improve access to education and healthcare services, and enable digital transformation across various sectors. The companies are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity to empower Angolan citizens and businesses and ultimately contribute to the country’s development goals.