NIGCOMSAT Unveils its EdTech Solutions to Revolutionise Education in Nigeria

The Managing Director of the Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Limited, Mrs Nkechi Egerton-Idehen, has announced the unveiling of NIGCOMSAT’s Educational Technology (EdTech) solutions during a strategic meeting in Abuja, Nigeria. These solutions will utilise satellite broadband connectivity to revolutionise education in Nigeria.

Regarding the rationale behind these solutions, Mrs Nkechi highlighted educational institutions and governmental bodies’ challenges in enhancing technological efficiency. She underscored the crucial requirement for internet accessibility to facilitate the seamless integration of technology across various sectors. “While schools and governments are making efforts to advance technology integration into education by furnishing some ICT laboratories with computers, a second-class problem prevents using most of these devices in schools. Among other challenges, the lack of access to affordable internet connectivity has proven to be a major hindrance to the effective use of technology for teaching and learning. Many laboratories are under lock and key, and some others are used for basic computer literacy rather than exploring other learning opportunities,” Mrs Egerton-Idehen expressed.

Furthermore, the MD stated that the shift will benefit schools by increasing engagement and motivation in the classroom and promoting critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition, technology-based skills can be incorporated to measure students’ performance and learning outcomes and facilitate the administration, documentation and delivery of educational content. 

To support advancements in the education sector, the MD outlined three key areas of focus: numeracy and literacy for primary schools, the establishment of digital libraries for secondary schools, and the promotion of content creation for teachers, along with the implementation of learning management systems. In addition, the MD also unveiled a customer experience and support solution for their clients and potential clients. The solution comprises an AI-powered chatbot and a call centre system.

The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Mr Bosun Tijani, represented by Communications and Media Adviser, Mr Osibo Imohoitsike, reinstated that NIGCOMSAT is open for business and partnerships. He said the stakeholders’ meeting was crucial in addressing existing challenges and formulating policies and infrastructure that foster entrepreneurship and training.

The Executive Director of Marketing and Business Development of NIGCOMSAT, Mr Najeem Salaam, said NIGCOMSAT had a new goal with its upgraded broadband and broadcasting capacity platform to provide Nigerians with better access to opportunities. “NIGCOMSAT is therefore open for even greater business opportunities for all. The Nigeria of our dream is achievable, and we have started doing the work already. NIGCOMSAT is ours together as Nigerians, and we must grow our own and make the best out of it,” he said.