Cameroon Hosts Delegation from RASCOM

The Acting Director-General of the Regional Africa Satellite Communication Organisation (RASCOM), Timothy Nii Adi Ashong, recently visited  Minister Libom Li Likeng of the Cameroon Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to bolster relations between RASCOM and Cameroon. 

The Minister highlighted the need for RASCOM member states to invest in the organisation to enhance its capabilities. She further emphasised the importance of proactively channelling resources into RASCOM to enable the continent to better control its digital communication sector. 

“Africa must be able to manage its traffic internally. She stressed that we have foreign satellites scattered across our skies and must consolidate our efforts and resources to establish RASCOM as a vital instrument for safeguarding our data security and managing our communication traffic within the continent,” she stressed.

Minister Likeng proposed that Africa launch more satellites to further contribute to Africa’s technological sovereignty and bolster its presence on the global stage. She stated that African countries must collectively unite resources and efforts to close the digital divide in the continent, and RASCOM poses an outstanding avenue for such an alliance. 

In response to Minister Likeng’s call to action, Mr Adi Ashong reiterated his commitment to fostering stronger ties between RASCOM and Cameroon and reaffirmed RASCOM’s dedication to nurturing pan-African partnerships.