Tunisia and Starlink Partner for Broadband Satellite Service Trial

The Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technology has agreed with US satellite communication company, Starlink, to conduct a three-month pilot project for installing broadband satellite technology in specific regions.

Starlink will provide satellite reception equipment and modifiers to be field-tested in Tunis, Ariana, and Gabès. This initiative aims to monitor high-speed satellite internet services, extending reliable internet access to the farthest corners of the country. Furthermore, the trial project will allow for necessary testing and the establishment of appropriate regulatory frameworks for satellite technology in the country.

The agreement was made during the official visit of Tunisian Minister of Communication Technology, Nizar bin Neji, to the United States from July 24th to 28th. With a delegation of Tunisian government representatives, Mr Neji visited the headquarters of various American companies specialising in satellite communication technology, including Starlink, Astranamis, and Amazon Kuber, and the delegation was introduced to various satellite communication solutions, launched models, and operational methods.

This partnership between Tunisia and Starlink is an opportunity for the North African state to explore the potential of broadband satellite technology. The trial period will allow Tunisia to assess the feasibility and benefits of implementing this technology in its communications infrastructure. Moreso, this collaboration will contribute to developing a regulatory framework to ensure the effective and responsible use of broadband satellite technology in Tunisia, which is crucial to successfully integrating this technology into the country’s communication systems.

This initiative aligns with the country’s efforts to enhance its technological capabilities and improve connectivity for its citizens.