Russia May Build Satellite Data Receiving Station in South Africa

According to a report by Sputnik, Yuri Borisov, the Director-General of the Russian State Space Corporation, proposed that the South African Space Agency (SANSA) consider the deployment of a Russian data-receiving station on a South African territory that would receive information from Russian and foreign Earth observation satellites, during the BRICS meeting in South Africa on Monday.

Mr Borisov further declared that Russia might build a new station and could supply South Africa with a full set of receiving and data storage equipment to receive, process and store the data from Earth observation satellites or modernise existing ones, which would make an additional contribution to SANSA’s efforts to develop the ground-based space infrastructure of the BRICS countries.

Furthermore, he offered to grant access to national EO data portals for ordering archived data for the development of a BRICS joint satellite cluster. At first, professionals could get access to this data by logging in to another country’s geoportal, and later, a common portal interface could be arranged at a program level.

“This would widen the circle of potential users and foster the development of new technologies for processing and interpretation of the results of satellite observation. In addition, direct data transfer from cluster satellites to national receiving stations could be arranged to speed up the provision of images to consumers,” Mr Borisov added.