Djibouti 1A and 1B Are Ready for Launch

Mr Aboubakar Hassan, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Djibouti, recently announced that the Djibouti-1A will soon be delivered to launch broker, Exolaunch in Berlin, Germany, while the Djibouti-1B will be delivered in November 2023 for takeoff in February 2024.

The Djibouti-1A will be integrated into the Exopod NOVA deployer and launched atop SpaceX’s Falcon9, projected to launch in October 2023. Earlier in March, the satellite passed its vibration tests in a joint CSUM/Latecoere facility in France. Furthermore, the result showed that the test levels and duration fully comply with the launch parameters proposed later this year.

Both satellites will transmit the data generated by the meteorological stations of the Djibouti Center for Study and Research (CERD) to the Missions Control Center located in Djibouti, and provide the necessary tools to keep track of the changes in water resources by providing country-wide, real-time data from climatological and seismic stations.