Russia Extends Invitations to Algeria and Egypt to Foster Space Collaboration

According to the reports by OilPrice, Yuri Borisov, the Director General of Roscosmos,  made efforts to enhance space cooperation ties with Algeria and Egypt by extending a public invitation for the African countries to join Russia’s space programme during the Group of Twenty (G20) meeting on 6 July 2023. The meeting had in attendance heads of national space agencies, space industry leaders from the G20 and guest countries, and representatives of intergovernmental agencies.

Borisov’s invitation highlights Russia’s interest in expanding its space collaboration with these African countries and further strengthening international partnerships in space exploration and technology development. The Russian space agency has recently signed space agreements with Algeria and agreed to draft a comprehensive agreement encompassing various possible collaborations in the space sector with Egypt. The developments highlight Russia’s mission to build a mutually beneficial space partnership in Africa.