Senegalese RTS Partners Globecast to Provide WorldWide Viewership

The Radio Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS) has partnered with Globecast, an Orange-owned company providing radio, television and media services to expand its global reach across the world.

Globecast will ensure RTS’s distribution of its main channel, RTS1, to audiences in the diaspora. In addition, the partnership between both parties aims to promote Senegalese programmes, news and cultural shows to audiences worldwide and accelerate the country’s economic prospects, starting with its tourist industry. In addition, Globecast will transmit the signal from Paris via its public internet distribution solution, GCXN, utilising the SRT protocol and uplink to the relevant constellations of satellites to reach its desired audiences in Asia, Europe, and North America.

According to the General Director of RTS, Racine Talla, “We want and need to reach out not only to our diaspora worldwide but also to promote Senegal and its culture more widely. Thanks to Globecast, RTS is proud to be the first francophone African channel broadcast by satellite over Asia and Australia in addition to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Working with Globecast, we also benefit from a one-stop shop and trust their professionalism in managing the various constraints requested by the rights holders in the different territories.”

On the technical aspects, Globecast will update all team members, including African partners and teleport providers based in France, the US and Jordan, working on the project about the necessary details for success and ensuring a seamless launch.

“We have an extensive history of providing tailored distribution to channels and broadcasters worldwide. Our understanding of the challenges and opportunities is unsurpassed, as is our global reach. We are very pleased to have been chosen by RTS for this project.” commented Lionel Antoine, the Account Manager, Africa, with Globecast.