AAC Space Africa to Deliver Ground Station to African Client

Through AAC Space Africa, AAC Clyde Space has been selected to deliver a ground station to a client in Africa. With an approximate value of USD 344,743, AAC Space Africa will subsequently deliver the order in 2022.

The ground station is essential in the client’s potential satellites’ operation but can also serve other missions. Furthermore, it will support several frequency bands up to S-band as well as in the amateur VHF band. In addition, the ground station can receive instructions from operators from the control room, remotely or in an automated mode.

AAC Space Africa will construct the ground station in South Africa with locally and internationally sourced parts. Additionally, the engineers will fully assemble and test it in South Africa, before dismantling, packing and shipping it. The transporters can pack and load the parts inside the shipping container and onto a standard container trailer. This is because the equipment will be based on a converted shipping container. Additionally, for a fluid development, engineers from AAC Space Africa will provide the client with extensive hands-on training

AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes noted that they were “glad to participate in the digitalisation of Africa. This ground station will be a stepping stone to leverage space-based data and services to improve the quality of life, safety and economic prosperity in the region”

AAC Clyde Space founded AAC Space Africa to capitalise on the rapidly growing market for satellites and space services in Africa. AAC Space Africa consequently designs, builds, and delivers space missions to the continent from its Cape Town base. The new subsidiary is also the group’s centre of competence for advanced radio communication.

AAC selected South Africa as the base for its new subsidiary AAC Space Africa, as the country has an established space industry and a strong position in communication systems, with highly skilled engineers and data scientists. AAC Space Africa will also be the centre of competence for advanced radio communication systems for the entire AAC group, becoming the worldwide supplier of advanced radio systems for AAC’s space missions.