“ANGOSAT-2 will be launched in the first half of 2022”, Reiterates Minister Manuel Homem


The Angolan Minister of Telecommunications, Information and Social Communication Technologies (MINNTICS), Manuel Homem, has reiterated that the country will put the Angolan geostationary telecommunications satellite (Angosat-2) in the first half of 2022. He revealed this in an interview with the Russian agency “RIA Novosti.” The Minister further announced that it is important for Angola that it launched the Angosat-2 satellite in 2022 if there is no impediment.

“The first half of 2022 should be decisive for the implementation of the project. Much will depend on the current progress, as Angola does not expect anything to prevent the deadlines from being met”, said the Minister.

“When evaluating a project, it is necessary to anticipate certain circumstances beyond our control, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant that Angolan specialists could not move freely to Russia and vice versa. In addition, the satellite development also involves other parties”, he concluded.

During the interview, Manuel Homem also stressed that the Angolan government believes in the project’s success. However, he admitted the possibility of a few engineering difficulties, among other unpredictable challenges.

The Angosat-2 is about 60% complete and includes innovations and corrections from the Angosat-1. This consists of a transmission seven times than Angosat-1, which had 16 and six transponders in Band C and KU respectively. Furthermore, Angosat-2 will have six transponders in Band C, 24 in Band KU. Furthermore, the manufacturers will add a new relay in Band KA.

Weighing two tons, Angosat-2 will also be a High Transmission Rate (HTS) satellite. It will provide 13 gigabytes in each illuminated region (satellite signal range zones). The satellite will be based on the Eurostar-3000 platform and will have a design lifespan of 15 years.

Angosat-2’s construction is at no new cost to the Angolan State. This is because of the insurance package from Angosat-1’s USD 300 million contract. Angola successfully launched Angosat-1 into space on December 26, 2017. However, there was a subsequent primary loss of contact as soon as the satellite entered orbit. The ground station recovered communications but permanently lost.