More than 80 Angolan Youths Trained in VSAT Antennas Installation and Maintenance

Eighty-three youths from the provinces of Luanda, Uíge, Cuanza Sul and Benguela in Angola have had the opportunity to obtain professional training in the satellite communications course, focusing primarily in the installation and maintenance of VSAT antennas. The trainees were taught by experts from the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN) and the Technological Training Center of ITEL (CFITEL).

The course provides a clear overview of the main theoretical and practical aspects of satellite communications. In addition, it equips trainees with the skills and techniques for employment or self-employment to install and maintain VSAT antennas in the C bands and Ku. Furthermore, the training provides those already in the field with the opportunity to improve their capability in the field.

The training is part of the Angolan strategy of disseminating space education to create jobs in the sector, considering the State’s investment in constructing the Angosat-2 satellite. This considerable investment in space technologies will connect more people, accelerate the emergence of more companies and investors in the space sector, thus generating more direct and indirect employment opportunities, mainly for the youth.

This course has the institutional support of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS), which promotes the facilitation of partnerships between institutions under its supervision, such as GGPEN, the Telecommunications Institute (ITEL) and the Fund for Support for Communications (FADCOM), with partner institutions in the sector, such as INFRASAT SA.