Egypt Launches First Summer School for Space Education

The Egyptian Space Agency and Banha University have announced the establishment of a summer school for space learning to be hosted by the Banha University. This announcement was made by the Vice President of Banha University, Nasser al-Gizawy, during a meeting held to inaugurate the first summer school for space sciences at the headquarters of Banha University in Obour City.

The meeting was attended by Karim al-Dash, Academic Director of the University’s headquarters in Obour; Omar Hanafi, Head of the Survey Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra; Ayman al-Shehaby Professor at the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra; and Mohamed Kassab, Head of the Mechanical Systems Division at the Egyptian Space Agency.

The meeting was under the auspices of Gamal al-Saeed, President of the University, and Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency.

During the meeting, The Vice President, Gizawy mentioned that the summer schools in the field of space and satellite science and technology would spread knowledge of space science among Egyptian university students, to link their academic studies with practical reality.

Gizawy also noted that students of 24 Egyptian universities would take part in the summer school, alongside 35 students from the Faculties of Engineering and Computers and Artificial Intelligence at Banha University.

Due to the pandemic, the theoretical part of the summer school started via distance learning on the videoconference platform; Zoom. The practical classes will start in September at the University’s premises. 

The Vice President also revealed that applicants would be divided into six different training groups, and each trainee will be required to submit a practical project that will be evaluated by professionals.

The establishment is coming off the back of an earlier announcement made by Egyptian Space Agency, for the establishment of summer schools for University students. The announcement was made by Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, at the annual summer training opening event. The training is organised by the Egyptian Space Agency for capacity development in space science and technology for students in Egyptian Universities, towards linking their academic studies to practical and scientific reality.