BeepTool Launches Integrated Satellite & TV Whitespace Wi-Fi Hotspot terminal

BeepTool has launched a satellite and Integrated TV white Space Wi-Fi hotspots to rural communities starting in Nigeria. The solution can use as backhaul for connectivity without barriers to offering faster and cheaper connectivity solutions from point to multi-point links to cover an entire village.  The integrated SuperWifi provides remote Wifi hotspots, while the TV WhiteSpace technology covers the long-distance. 

According to John Enoh, Managing Director of BeepTool, “the Terminal is designed to work with the following satellite operators NigComSat, SES, ViaSat, Telesat, Avanti, Intelsat on C/Ku, Ka and S-Band and also in the pipeline to accept signals from SpaceX, SAS and OneWeb satellites. The integrated Satellite & TV Whitespace Wi-Fi Hotspot can deliver broadband services by taking advantage of “space” between TV signals. Simply, provided there is a TV signal in that place, you get the internet”.

The BeepTool ISTV Wi-Fi Hotspot terminal is based on the optimal utilisation and integration of wireless, TV whitespace and satellite communication technology to extend connectivity to the unserved areas, including the remote area and difficult terrains. Besides offering the ease of deployment, the solution is suited to addressing disasters and emergencies when no other means of communication are available. A custom and proprietary BeepTool state of the art integrated Multi-band VSAT and TV whitespace terminal allows users to transmit and receive video, voice, messaging and broadband internet data from both multi-satellite bands and TV whitespace free channels.

The integrated terminal is designed to meet the extremely high speeds of GEO and LEO satellites. It is also designed to perform quick handover between GEO and LEO satellites and TV whitespace free channels, without losing connectivity that enables robust, low-cost data services for a large number of users. The system is comprised of integrated VSAT satellites and TV whitespace terminals and micro hub base stations, Local Content servers designed to provide low data rate communication services. 

BeepTool Integrated Satellite and TV whitespace terminal provides fast installation and reliable Wi-Fi coverage in almost any location globally typically used in remote areas without any existing infrastructure and is also an optimal solution for example for villages, rural communities, refugee camps, disaster relief and exploration purposes. They are capable of providing connectivity up to 500-meter coverage Wi-Fi zones both indoors and outdoors and up to 10 kilometres from the master terminal station and 100 concurrent users at high speed. 

The attached local cloud provides end-users access to verified e-Health, e-Learning, agricultural e-Content plus content categories including entertainment, news, weather reports, and more. It comes with an integrated terminal with High precision LNB, integrated inbuilt modem and WiFi hot-spot Plug and play power supply (AC/DC).

“We offer various range of radios for different applications and scenario needs. The integrated radio is available in outdoor or indoor versions with different antenna configurations. Our most popular model WRP-I6-01 comes with a built-in antenna which is very easy to deploy”, said John Enoh.