Angola Cable Signs An MoU With CTM To Explore Opportunities In Greater Bay Area, Africa, the Americas And Portuguese -Speaking Areas

Angolan multinational telecommunications operator of fibre-optic telecommunication cables, Angola Cables, has signed a memorandum of understanding(MoU) with Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L(CTM), Macau’s foremost telecommunication provider, to harness digital business opportunities in Macau, Mainland China, African Portuguese-speaking countries and Brazil.

The partnership aims to develop strategies and explore the possibilities of connecting the Greater Bay Area to Africa and the Americas as well as other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Emphasising on the need for the MoU, the CEO of Angola Cable, António Nunes, said expanding connectivity across the southern hemisphere has the potential to unlock the many advantages and benefits brought about by secure, digital access – from the promotion of foreign trade to robust economic development. He noted that advancing technology in subsea cables networks provides a backbone to support datacentres and digital ecosystems that will connect a new, digitally-driven world.

Furthermore, Mr Nunes stated that the partnership has the potential of reshaping the industry in Africa, set the pace for several developmental projects and bridge the gap between the continents and its contemporaries.

On choosing CTM, the CEO said the telecom company has underlying plans to leverage its international network and Macau’s position in the Greater Bay Area(GBA) as a hub for the digitalisation of the Asia-Pacific region and that, in essence, correlates with vision and goals of Angola Cable.

According to Angola Cables, Macau and neighbouring regions “have the conditions and opportunities to be the landing point for international cable systems and the ideal location for hosting datacentres, to promote the digital ecosystem of the region.”

In turn, CTM executives said the cooperation indicates the company’s take in participating in the actualisation of Macau’s plans regarding the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI).

Angola Cables has a submarine cable network linking the continents in the Atlantic region with high availability and good quality, and owns data centres in Angola and Brazil and is promoting the southern Atlantic digital hub.