Ghana’s All Nations University Calls For Abstract For SSSTA Conference 2019

Ghana’s All Nations University invites the public to submit abstract for the 8th Annual Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications (SSSTA) Conference slated for 25 – 26 November 2019 at the All Nations University College, Main campus, Akwadum, Ghana.

Since its initiation in 2012 by the All Nations University as a university conference, SSSTA has created a platform for stakeholders and young professionals, to champion collaborations, focusing on innovative technological ways to national development in the area of Space Science & Satellite Technology.

These activities, therefore, led to the launch of Ghana’s first satellite “GHANASAT-1” developed by Ghanaian engineers from the All Nations University, making Ghana a spacefaring nation. The conference has grown to become a national/international conference to explore and sustain the country’s space technology activities to benefit humanity and for economic and social development.

The Conference, more importantly, focuses on bringing together government, the private sector, industries, academics, and stakeholders within the country and worldwide whose work and activities directly or indirectly benefit from space technology towards national development to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Africa Union Agenda 2063.

Such include the use of satellite data (satellite applications) by the: food and agricultural sector for food security and farmland/crop mapping, health sector for managing disease control & medical products services, disaster monitoring agencies for early disaster motoring and detection, meteorological agencies for enhancement of weather forecast, lands and natural resource sector for town/country planning and natural resource mapping, civil aviation authority for flight safety & monitoring, maritime authority for coastal & vessel tracking & monitoring, astronomical societies, universities, and legal/ governing bodies such as the Communication Authority, Space Science & Technology Institutes etc.


  • Space Technology Applications & Technology Benefit for socio-economic development
    and SDGs
  • Building Space Infrastructure for emerging countries
  • Space Policy & Legal Framework of emerging countries
  • Collaborations & Space Diplomacy for emerging countries
  • Youth Capacity Building, Technology and Skill Development.


  • African Space Agencies and their role for socio-economic development
  • The role of GMES & Africa in promoting Space Science and Technology to achieve
    socio-economic development
  • Creating a common platform for satellite data usage to avoid data duplication in the
    public-private sector locally.


  • Satellite Technology and Application Training for the youth.
  • Young Women in Space Workshop.


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