The Unwavering focus to invest in Space Technology In Angola

Angola is preparing to launch yet another satellite to space in the year 2020 after the first launch of Angosat1 satellite which was declared defunct after landing in space in December 2017. The satellite was set to serve the country and the region for 15 years a process that was stifled by technical hiccups. However, Angola has won on the capacity building front where she trained 50 Aerospace Engineers upfront that could oversee the next satellite launch missions moving forward even with the failure of Angosat1.

With its space strategy launched in 2017, Angola is set to gain and score highly in the race to space front. This is if all the detailed elements in the strategy are followed and executed to the letter, with the awareness that there would be tweaking here and there for a smooth process.

The strategy is set to serve the country for the next  a 10 yrs after which revision could be made or more content added based on the country’s needs. This could possibly be a re-projection of what could be achieved in addition what shall have been achieved as well as the elements that could be considered obsolete at the time due to the ever rapidly changing technological landscape.

Within the strategy are various aspects considered, running the gamut from infrastructure set up, capacity building to develop expertise that would help/enable the nation to utilize space technology to its full potential, multilateral, regional and international partnerships as well as domestic partnerships with various organizations that would not only support the use of space technology but utilize the information due to space technology.

We clearly see what Angola’s ambitions are and are excited for the next launch in two years and hopefully the next launch is successful and the country and the region is able to Utilize the Space technology to its full Potential. Wishing all Angolans well as they collaborate with their patners to the Launch in the year 2020.