Highlight of NASA Space Apps Challenge Ado Ekiti

NASA space Apps Challenge Ado Ekiti was held on Saturday, 20th of October at the Mutual House, Fajuyi Area, Ado Ekiti.

Space Apps Ado Ekiti in partnership with Google Developer Group Ado-Ekiti was successfully held and with two teams of ten members each in participation. Despite being the little challenges we had, we were able to make impacts.

Success Highlights:

They were able to achieve their  objectives which was to:

  • Host the challenge
  • Drive ideas from participant.
  • Get new ideas.
  • Learn from experts.
  • Engage with peers.
  • Join an immersive event that brings together executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and NASA engineers to build the future of the Earth and Space Exploration.


  • We had little issue with internet surfing, but we get over it within short period of time.
  • Some willing to come but we couldn’t mobilize them due to no provision or mobilization.
  • Some Register directly with us but couldn’t make it down because of their exam.  

Attendees learnt faster with a lot of explanation about NASA data and Research Projects.