GEOSON Conference 2018

The Geoinformation Society of Nigeria which is incorporated for the development, advancement and applications of Geoinformation in Nigeria is holding one of their biggest conference in Abuja from 11th-15th of November, 2018 with the theme; Geospatial technologies for national development.

The conference is welcoming the presence of Dr Christopher Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister for Science and Technology as the Guest speaker, Prof.S.O Mohammed, Director General National Space Research and Development Agency as the Chief speaker and Prof. Jide Kufoniyi, professor of Geoinformatics as a Lead speaker. Other speakers include Dr Ahmed S, Halilu, Director of Strategic space application and Dr, Lat Gueye, Director of ECOWAS Early Warning.

The theme created several subthemes listed below;

  • Regional security and challenges of economic development
  • GIS and RS application
  • Big date and cloud competing
  • SDI for national development (E-government, E-health etc.)
  • New trends of Geospatial technology

The Geoinformation Society of Nigeria is one of the societies in Nigeria which supports and participates in the development of Geoinformation and gives services to mankind in honest and forthrightness within the of Geoinormation with the vision to promote and facilitate geospacial information integration, knowledge and innovation sharing among members and institution in Nigeria and beyond.

The conference slated the arrival of participants for 11th of November, opening session/ AGA for 12th of November, Technical session for 13th of November, GIS day celebration and Dinner for 14th of November.

The Geoinformation societies’ aim is to ensure that geospatial information and its services permeate every aspect of the society for accelerated socioeconomic development of Nigeria in particular and the world in general.