NASRDA and Landmark University collaborates to build Nigeria EduSAT-2

The National Space Research and Development Agency has concluded all technical arrangements for the successful building and launch of a second NANOSATELLITE codenamed EDUSAT2 in collaboration with Landmark University, Omu Aran Kwara State.

The Director General of the Nigerian Space Agency, Professor Seidu O. Mohammed said the project is in fulfilling part of the Agency’s mandate which includes among other things develops satellites and providing necessary technology and information for Universities to develop capabilities on satellite technology.

The Nanosatellite which will be for Agricultural purposes will have on board an infrared camera which will be used for detecting diseased crop, as well as employed for other agricultural purposes.

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During the meeting, the NASRDA Boss stressed the need for collaboration that will benefit Nigeria economic growth, as well as improve the lives of Nigerians through satellite technology.

The Space Boss further elucidate the need for engineers and scientists to bring to fore their expertise in seeing to the implementation of the focus of the memorandum of understanding, which includes among other things developing capabilities in satellite technology for agro inclined activities.

The vice chancellor of the Landmark University Professor Adeniyi Olayanju expressed enthusiasm on the land the collaborative efforts have reached and said the University was honoured to be collaborating with the Agency on the Nanosatellite project.

He said, the University is Agriculture based and needs to develop technologies that will improve the Agriculture sector in Nigeria.

This Professor Olayanju said cannot be achieved without developing engineering that can promote mechanized and automated technology for Agriculture.

According to the Vice Chancellor, such technology can be achieved by engaging satellite technology NASRDA has.
He further commended the Space Agency for her activities which he said have contributed in the development of science and technology in Nigeria.

The Director General of the Agency said all is technical work is set for EDUSAT 2, but activities will begin as soon as the budget is passed.