SANSA Becomes a Signatory of the SCO Charter

During the GeoWeek 2023 Ministerial Summit, Humbulani Mudau, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), signed the Space for Climate Observatory (SCO) Charter with Frédéric Bretar, Head of the Space for Climate Observatory. This initiative is dedicated to optimising the utilisation of satellite data and digital technologies to advance effective climate action. 

The development advances SANSA’s standing in the global space and climate community. As a signatory of the SCO Charter, SANSA aligns itself with a network of international entities dedicated to advancing climate monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation through space-based technologies. This collaboration opens doors for knowledge exchange, collaborative research, and shared resources, enhancing SANSA’s strategies in climate-related endeavours.

Source: SANSA

The SCO is a collaborative platform uniting public and private entities engaged in Earth Observation (EO) Initiatives. In addition, the SCO actively coordinates and facilitates international initiatives to develop operational tools for climate monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation. SCO also equips decision-makers with data and tools to implement sustainable socio-economic development at the continental, regional and national levels.