AMN Partners with Hughes to Expand Mobile Network Access in Madagascar and Nigeria

According to reports by Hughes Network Systems, LLC, Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), a provider of services to major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across Africa, has chosen the Hughes JUPITER™ System ground platform to backhaul 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular network traffic in Madagascar and Nigeria. 

AMN will establish satellite connections for numerous cellular towers by deploying Hughes JUPITER gateways and remote terminals. This strategic move will empower customers to extend their services to remote and underserved regions, contributing to bridging the digital divide and reaching a broader base of subscribers in these areas on the continent.

According to Michael Darcy, Chief Executive Officer CEO) of AMN, “the biggest multinational mobile network operators in Africa depend on AMN’s unique networking business models to serve their customers, whilst we depend on partners like Hughes for the ideal technology for the rural environment along with reliable commercial and technical support. The Hughes JUPITER System meets our objectives for serving hard-to-reach customers in Madagascar and Nigeria with optimal capex, opex and business support so we can help our customers connect more people via tried-and-true satellite backhaul.” 

“We appreciate that AMN has put their trust in Hughes and our JUPITER System to help meet the needs of their operator customers in bridging the digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa. “This announcement reflects the value of longstanding relationships and a shared commitment to achieving our customers’ business objectives – not just with exceptional technology, but also with extraordinary customer service,” commented Ramesh Ramaswamy, the Executive Vice President of Huges, International Division.

The Hughes JUPITER is a leading ground platform, satisfying the required operator’s demands for enhanced bandwidth and cost efficiencies. In addition, the latest JUPITER integrates software-defined satellite networking, dynamic in-route reconfiguration for optimal efficiency, and a groundbreaking “system on a chip” in each user terminal, capable of supporting higher speeds and a diverse array of services.

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