New Partnership to Offer E-health Solutions in Remote African Regions

AXESS Networks, in collaboration with Wazima Health and COMITAS e-Health, have announced their partnership to utilise satellite technologies to develop e-health solutions for remote African areas. The parties’ cooperation is based on the principle of health care as a human right.

AXESS Networks provides satellite, fibre and wireless communications solutions. Wazima is focused on point-of-care screening, access to diagnosis, electronic health records referral, medicines monitoring and support for continuous care. COMITAS e-health provides professional telemedicine services, hardware, and software for remote healthcare components. According to the partnership details, the group will leverage the latest technology and tools to provide access to medical services, including screening, diagnosis, and treatment, to people in areas with limited access to healthcare. Furthermore, the partners aim to improve the accessibility of quality health care on the continent. This will be implemented through satellite in remote areas, facilitating health care provision in rural areas without travelling.

With the group’s proposed solution, medical services would be made available in specialist sites like medical care centres, hospitals, pharmacies or diagnostic centres where medical professionals are located in real-time and in remote sites equipped with a remote medical examination system. In addition, the partnership offers medical assistance and consultancy by graduates in medicine and surgery. 

Ralf Schmitz, Chief Commercial Officer of AXESS EMEA, spoke of how the global demand for new digital technologies in healthcare has increased and highlighted how the joint partnership would establish itself as a new form of healthcare provision. 

The CEO at Wazima Health, Elizabeth Adeshina, said that the mission of Wazima is to facilitate the transformation of Africa’s healthcare by covering the entire continuum of health promotion to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Speaking on the collaboration, Aquilino Antuña, the CEO at COMITAS e-health, expressed that her organisation is thrilled to work with Wazima and Axxess to improve the quality and accessibility of health care on the continent. 

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