Sudan to Collaborate with Russia to Leverage Satellite Solutions to Combat Terrorism

The Sudanese Ambassador to Moscow, Hassan Mohammed, has expressed Sudan’s interest in collaborating with Moscow to leverage satellite data to aid the fight against terrorism and protect the country’s borders.

The cooperation between Sudan and Russia aims to utilise satellite data to protect the borders from terrorists and share vital information that will significantly aid Sudan in upgrading its security structures and inform a better strategic decision that fosters peace. 

According to the Sudanese Ambassador, Sudan is the third-largest Africa country and faces tremendous security and an unstable political structure, which threatens the peace of the states it shares borders with.  

During his visit to Sudan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also expressed Russia’s readiness and willingness to support and collaborate with African countries and relevant authorities to condemn and fight against terrorism. In February 2023, the Russian Foreign Minister visited Sudan for a strategic meeting to discuss with the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ali Al-Sadiq, and other top officials on the areas of collaborative efforts to enhance beneficial developmental initiatives and solidify the relationship between the two countries.