EgSA signs agreement with Suez Canal University to provide educational satellites

The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) has signed an executive agreement with the Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University to provide the college with an educational satellite model for applications such as telecommunications, remote sensing, and space environment.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University, Dr Mahmoud Fouad, and the educational satellite project manager at EgSA, Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, signed the agreement.

According to the statement released by EgSA on Tuesday, its CEO Dr Mohamed Al-Qusi and the president of Suez Canal University, Dr Ahmed Zaki, witnessed the executive agreement’s signing. The Deputy Project Manager of EgSA’s Egyptian universities satellite laboratory, Engr Waseem Issa, and Suez Canal University’s project coordinator, Dr Ahmed Salem, were also present.

EgSA’s Egyptian universities satellite laboratory project aims to provide universities across Egypt with an educational satellite model. This is in line with the Agency’s objective to diffuse space technology and prepare a pool of human resources at various Egyptian universities’ engineering and science faculties. This would inadvertently create new job opportunities and equip young Egyptians with the required skills to join the space sector.

Earlier this month, EgSA had reiterated its commitment to build 35 educational satellites. These satellites would allow students, specialists, and engineers to learn programming and how to control satellites. The Agency’s Board had announced a $225,000 collaborative project with the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) last year. The collaborative project involves the development of 35 educational cube satellites to train more Egyptian space scientists.

Dr Ahmed, commenting on the signing of the executive agreement, appreciated EgSA for allowing Suez Canal University to participate in its universities satellite laboratory project.

“It is important to keep pace with scientific developments and pursue technological advancement in all areas in Egypt”,, he said. “We will join the online learning system through the Egyptian Space Agency’s educational portal, which is unifying the space knowledge system in Egypt”.