Cairo ICT Expo: Belarus Participates, Shares Nano-satellite Modelling

The Cairo ICT expo is an exhibition that brings together different industry experts in ICT, suppliers of information and communication technologies in the fields of engineering, banking and finance, as well as defence and security from all over the world. This year over 400 hundred companies from Belarus, Russia, China, USA, France, Germany, Italy and other countries are represented at the exhibition.


Participants at this year’s exhibition and forum of telecommunication and information technologies will be able to examine different latest developments of the National Academy of Sciences of our country and the Ministry of Education.

At the exhibition, Belarus displayed a computer modelling for creation of coronavirus drugs and BSU nano-satellite, which has already been successfully operating in the orbit for more than 700 days. Its modules make it possible to conduct experiments on the assessment of solar activity, aircraft tracking, observation of natural and atmospheric phenomena. The opening ceremony of the event was attended by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, ministers of education and healthcare of the country.