Egyptian Space Agency Signs Cooperation Protocol with University of Tanta

Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency and Dr Mohamed Iraqi, the executive vice president of the Egyptian Space Agency, received Dr Emad Atman, President of the University of Tanta and Dr Kamal Okasha, Vice President Higher Studies and Research at the University of Tanta and Dr Ahmed Abdel-Azim Al-Saba, Dean of the Faculty of Science, the University of Tantaat at the Agency’s headquarters.


The University’s delegation visited the Agency to observe ongoing projects and also discuss a collaboration with the agency. Dr Mohamed Al-Quosi gave a tour of the agency, explaining the various ongoing projects in each department of the agency.

Dr Emad Atman,  speaking on the visit, expressed an interest on behalf of the University to sign a cooperation protocol between the Space Agency and the University of Tanta. A cooperation agreement signing between both institutions took place shortly after. “We are pleased with this fruitful cooperation between the two sides,” he adds.

Dr Emad appreciated Dr Al-Qousi and members of the Egyptian Space Agency, noting that they are honoured to cooperate with the Egyptian Space Agency. He adds that the University of Tanta is working on a Noah Space Science and Technology Purchase which he thinks the new agreement will help to foster. “We hope that the students of the University of Tanta will be present during the next year in the summer training of the Space Agency,” he concludes.