Satellite Communications Company, Globalstar, Receives Terrestrial Authorization in Kenya

Globalstar, an American satellite communications company that operates a low Earth orbit satellite constellation for satellite phone and low-speed data communications, has received terrestrial authorisation to operate in Kenya and two other countries.

Kenya and Brazil will be joining Kenya in the new wave of authorisations Canada. Globalstar has said that these three countries represent an additional covered population of 300 million and 3.7 billion MHz-Pops, bringing the company’s total terrestrial authority to over 9 billion MHz-Pops and a total population of approximately 700 million.

Speaking on the development, Jay Monroe, Executive Chairman of Globalstar, said “Since completing the FCC licensing process for terrestrial service in 2.4 GHz, we have pursued a global initiative to obtain terrestrial authorizations in a multitude of countries in pursuit of commercial spectrum global harmonization. We are very pleased that the hard work of our team has culminated in this success at roughly the same time across three continents. Each of these countries is a significant win for us because they represent important developments for our regulatory efforts – Kenya shows continued momentum in Africa, Brazil has the largest population and economy in South America and Canada is a step forward to a harmonized North American resource.”