Algeria Space Agency embarks on Culture Preservation Projects with the Ministry of Culture and Arts

Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) on August 31, 2020, signed two agreements with the Ministry of Culture and Arts. This disclosure was made through the Agency’s website. The new agreements were signed at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Arts and of the Director-General of ASAL.


The new agreements will cover:

  • A framework agreement between ASAL and the Ministry of Culture and Arts, which aims at the use and integration of space technologies and tools in the strategy of the culture sector aimed at protecting, managing and enhancing the Cultural Heritage of Algeria;
  • A partnership agreement between ASAL and the National Directorate of Project – Algerian Cultural Parks (DNP-PPCA), with the objective of strengthening the technical means of management and intervention of the network of cultural parks, through the optimal exploration of Geographic Information Systems and the use of remote sensing in the field of eco-cultural heritage monitoring.

These agreements will contribute to the implementation of programs in the culture sector, through optimal use of the space tool, along the following lines:

  • Training and capacity building for the staff of the National Project Directorate (DNP) and the national offices of cultural parks and the other partners;
  • Technical assistance for setting up operational GIS units with a dedicated interface;
  • Mapping of eco-cultural heritage sets, on the basis of the inventory, carried out by the parks offices, monitoring of the evolution of ecosystems and development of the two pilot sites (in the Tassili and Ahaggar Cultural Parks).