Mohammed Afifi El-Quosy Appointed CEO of Egypt Space Agency for Another Year

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has renewed the appointment of the CEO of Egyptian Space Agency, Mohammed Afifi El-Quosy, having come to the end of his first term in office. 

El-Quosy became the CEO after the board of the Egyptian Space Agency was set up in 2019. President El-Sisi made the order establishing the board via Decree No. 411/2019. Mohamed Afifi El-Quosi’s appointment as the CEO was made via Decree No. 410/2019, and the renewal of his tenure was done with the issuance of Decree number 457/2020 by the President. El-Quosy will continue to be the Agency’s CEO until 2021.

So far, El-Quosy has initiated several partnership agreements between Egypt and several countries and institutions as well as introducing several programs and projects in the agency.