Free-to-air Educational TV Makes Learning Easier in West Africa

A new TV channel entirely dedicated to learning educational content has been launched on Multi TV. This initiative, which is a partnership between The multimedia group and the online learning platform, Wolo, promises to improve access to quality education for secondary school students through their broadcast.

The Channel launched at the Super Morning Show on Joy FM on Monday. Acting General Manager of Adom Brands at the Multimedia Group, Abdulai Awudu revealed that the lessons on the Channel would include a broad spectrum of topics in SHS via a fixed schedule.

The Joy Learning channel is in belts for SHS 1, 2, and 3 classes.  Currently, the Channel has launched with a focus of airing all core and come elective subjects.

Below is the structure and time of broadcast;

Monday – Friday

Form 1 belt (6:30am,1pm, 4:30pm)

Form 2 belt (8:30am,2pm,6pm

Form 3 belt (10am, 3pm,7pm)

There will be a recap of all the lessons from 7 am to 7:30 pm on weekends.

Viewers will be informed about the broadcasting time of each subject and topics on the various Multimedia television channels and on our online platforms.

There will be documentaries on nature, scientific experiments, and extra-curricular activities between each belt.

Wolo’s director of corporate affairs, Jackie Ankrah, said the channel would offer well-organized world-class educational activities at the doorstep of the average Ghanaian youth.“Wolo TV is bringing a lot of the teachers from the Ivy League schools, so if you feel as if I went to a rural school and I don’t have access, this is where we are bringing unfettered access. Everyone can have equal access to quality education,” declared Jackie.

She also revealed the existence of “an interactive forum where students can share problems with tutors for further assistance. “The new Channel Joy Learning is open to viewers on Multi TV Digibox.

Joy Learning started on December 30, 2019, to advance teaching and learning the SHS curriculum. The Channel is free and accessible to everyone in the country and entire West Africa, meaning that students have equal opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

SES’s prime orbital position drives the Joy Learning channel’s broad reach at 28.2 degrees East, reaching 97% of all satellite TV homes in Ghana.

From that orbital slot, SES hosts Multi TV, an FTA (Free-to-Air) platform that provides viewers free access to over 100 TV channels of high-quality content, including the Joy Learning channel giving broadcasters access to the highest reach in West Africa.