ESSTI Mirjana Pović wins Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Science

In 2018, Nature launched two new Nature Research Awards: the Inspiring Science Award and the Innovating Science Award.

  • The Inspiring Science Award celebrates an outstanding early career researcher who self-identifies as female
  • The Innovating Science Award will honour an individual or organisation who has driven initiatives to encourage girls or young women to engage with STEM subjects

Mirjana Pović has been announced as the recipient of the 2018 Inspiring Science Award.

About Mirjana Pović

Mirjana Pović is an assistant professor at the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, Ethiopia, and associated researcher at the Spanish IAA-CSIC. Mirjana obtained her PhD degree in 2010 at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain, and her main field of research is galaxy formation and evolution, focused on nuclear activity in galaxies. She participated in more than 10 international projects (being co-principal investigator and principal investigator of two) and has around 80 publications. She works on the development of science and education in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, through joint research collaborations, student supervisions, trainings, lecturing, regulation development and outreach.