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AUC Baseline Studies and Socioeconomic Benefits of Space in Africa

The Baseline Studies on the four Space Segments and the Space Socioeconomic Benefits for the Establishment and Operationalization of the African Space Agency is an all-encompassing data and evidence-gathering Study looking into the four focus areas of the African Space Strategy, namely, Earth Observation; Satellite Communications; Astronomy and Space Sciences; and the Socioeconomic benefits of Space in Africa. The goal for the African Union Commission in undertaking this study is to support the effective implementation of the African Space Policy and the African Space Strategy geared toward achieving the goals of Africa Agenda 2063 and those of the United Nations SDGs by the continent.

Space in Africa (Ideal Space Technologies Ltd) is implementing the study on behalf of the African Union Commission.

As a part of this study, African institutions are invited to fill the questionnaire below, as appropriate. The data collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by the African Union Commission, and will be analysed to understand the current landscape across the continent, while making sound recommendations to guide the operations of the African Space Agency. For questions, comments or assistant, please email

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All data collection can take place offline and online, you can save on draft to continue later. All surveys are available in English and French, you can select your preferred language at the top of each survey. The deadline is on the 30th September 2021 (23:59 GMT)

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Survey on the Socio-Economic Benefits of Space Science and Technology in Africa

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Survey on Academia in Astronomy and Space Science in Africa

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Survey on Academia in Earth Observation in Africa

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Survey on Academia in Satellite Communications and Aerospace Engineering in Africa

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