Kenya and Italy to Strengthen Ongoing Collaborative Efforts 

Source: Financial Fortune

Key Highlights

  • Italian Ambassador to Kenya, Roberto Natali, reaffirmed Italy’s commitment to collaborating with Kenya.
  • The Italian government has provided 15 fully paid PhD scholarships in Earth Observation for Kenyan nationals, with studies commencing in September.
  • The Italian Space Agency to establish an International Training Centre for Space Education and a Centre for Cubesat Development.

On the sidelines of the ongoing three-day Kenya Space Expo and Conference 2024, themed “Space Technologies for Societal Benefit”, in Nairobi, the Italian Ambassador to Kenya Roberto Natali, has reaffirmed his country’s commitment to collaborate with Kenya to advance and ensure peaceful uses of outer space. This development aims to solidify strategic plans to strengthen the relationship between the Italian and Kenyan governments, targeting investment opportunities in the space industry.

Furthermore, the two parties will partner in key areas such as infrastructure development, human resources, and training through the Luigi Broglio Space Center (BSC) near Malindi. In addition, the Italian Space Agency will establish an International Training Centre for Space Education and a Centre for Cubesat Development, aimed at training and apprenticing budding engineers in space systems engineering and other specialisations.

“At the Malindi facility, plans are underway to establish a Centre for Earth Observation with assistance from the Italian Space Agency. My government has provided fifteen (15) fully paid PhD scholarships on Earth Observation to Kenyan nationals, and the nominees for the PhD programme will begin their studies in September this year,”  stated Roberto Natali.

The Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Aden Duale, emphasised the importance of partnerships and increased investments in Kenya’s space industry. “Space plays a vital role in our lives, with satellites monitoring the climate, providing communications, enhancing national security, and supporting our financial transactions. Therefore, investment in this sector is crucial at this time.”