Arizona State University, USA.

The Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University (ASU) has a vision to build a future where humans in space create a bolder and better society for everyone. To make this future real, the initiative pursues questions about our space future across a breadth of disciplines. We want to create teams that integrate across the public-private-university sectors.

ASU is an increasingly important player in the space ecosystem, with professors leading high profile missions such as Psyche. Ground based data indicates the Psyche asteroid consists of 30-60% iron-nickel metal. This mission, and potentially similar missions, raise various policy and governance questions that require trans-disciplinary and international perspectives to answer.

This emergent issue in space policy is the impetus for this contest led by the Interplanetary Initiative Space Advisory Pilot Project (IISAPP). The focus of this inaugural contest is to garner African ideas about how the future of space exploration and utilization should be governed. The African perspective is sorely lacking from current dialogs and debates. With this contest, we hope to introduce Africans and their perspective to this burgeoning area of global governance.

Lagos Court of Arbitration

The Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) is a private sector driven initiative that specializes in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and is set to become the preferred ADR institution for Africa.  Situated in Lagos, Nigeria’s financial and industrial center, the LCA is strategically positioned to provide efficient dispute resolution services necessary for economic growth and development in line with international and institutionalized framework for ADR offering an organized, reliable, and efficient alternative to the traditional court system.

The LCA is very passionate about fostering these skills in new generations and is always on the lookout for innovative ways of resolving disputes in all sectors. LCA firmly believes that ADR methods are available regardless of the industry or sector, and we look forward to participating in the process of structuring dispute resolution options for space governance.

Space in Africa

Space in Africa (SiA) is a premier consulting and industry analytics firm focused on producing authoritative business and market reports for the different segments of the African space and satellite industry. SiA covers the business, technology, discoveries, policies, events and opportunities that enable the growth of the African space and satellite industry.

SiA takes pride in promoting the bold steps of African institutions and individuals who shape the future of space on the continent while supporting initiatives that foster inclusive representation of Africa’s perspective on the peaceful use of outer space.

Outer Space Institute, Canada

The Outer Space Institute (OSI), an international transdisciplinary network of space experts, was established to investigate sustainable uses of space. For example, space mining has the potential to expand humanity’s reach, but it also entails risks—such as the creation of debris streams passing close to Earth or altering pristine scientific bodies in non-trivial ways. OSI experts welcome input from non-traditional sources for new legal frameworks regarding space use.