The visual directory displays over 500 datasets of African space institutions, companies and associations, graphically represented in a wide map using location coordinates according to countries. The directory uses icons to indicate data points on the map.

Simply dubbed the “Crunchbase of the African space industry”, the directory represents the following actors in the African space industry, detailing a dataset set of the name, country, contact address, email, phone number and website for each actor:

  1. National Space Agencies
  2. EO Institutions and Downstream Companies
  3. Space Research Centres
  4. Astronomy Observatories and Telescopes in Africa
  5. African Institutions offering Space related courses
  6. Inter-Governmental Organisations
  7. Space Associations
  8. NewSpace Companies
  9. Communications Companies
  10. Institutions investing in the African space industry
  11. Investors
  12. Private Sector Firms
  13. Academic/Researchers
  14. Government Institutions
  15. Communities of Practice
  16. International Development Agencies/NGOs/Foundations
  17. Institutions

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